Test Drive CoPilot™ 

The Best Way for Automotive, Collision, Glass and Truck Repair Businesses to Perform, Manage, Document and Get Reimbursed for Test Drives and Dynamic Calibrations....PERIOD!!

What Problems are We Trying to Solve? 

The Test Drive CoPilot™ platform helps auto, collision, truck and glass repair businesses properly perform, manage and document post-repair or post-calibration test drives. A properly performed and documented post-repair or post-calibration test drive ensures a vehicle’s safety systems operate as designed prior to delivering that vehicle back to the consumer.

A post-repair or post-calibration test drive is especially critical on ADAS equipped vehicles that can have more than twenty (20) camera, Radar, LiDar and other computer-driven safety systems where a test drive is the only way to truly verify the safety systems operate as designed.


What is Test Drive CoPilot™?

Test Drive Copilot™ is a patent-pending SaaS and Mobile App platform designed to help automotive, collision, glass and truck repair businesses properly perform, manage, document and invoice for post-repair and post-calibration test drives on ADAS equipped vehicles!

Why Should Your Business Use Test Drive Copilot™?

  • Gain Access to OEM Based ADAS Test Drive Procedures and Videos
  • Generate Detailed Documentation for Every Test Drive
  • “Bullet Proof” File Component
  • Increase Revenue
  • Manage Test Drive Costs
  • Implement Test Drive Quality Control
  • Reduced Liability
  • Increased Transparency
  • Improve Customer Trust and Satisfaction

What Some of Our Users Are Saying About Test Drive Copilot™

Lundgren Collision Center

Chuck Zimmer

"It is so great finally getting paid for test drives! Thanks Frank.."

Precision Body & Paint, Inc. 

Mike Leib

"The documentation of the software is clutch. The app is very user friendly and I like that I can review past test drives from my phone wherever I am. Overall, I would say this is a crucial documentation tool"

Chuck Akers 

W&W Collision Center

"I love the app.  It is very intuitive to the questions it asks and the prompts that it gives.  I love the invoice that is emailed from the system.  That is awesome and a great tool for liability and for requesting pay"

Start Documenting, Invoicing, Managing and QC'ing Your Test Drives Today