Test Drive CoPilot™ 

The World's Best Way to Perform, Manage, Document and Invoice for Post-Repair/Calibration ADAS System Verification Test Drives....PERIOD!!


Test Drive Copilot™ Selected as 2022 SEMA Collision New Product of the Year!

What Problems are We Trying to Solve? 

The Test Drive CoPilot™ platform helps auto, collision, truck and glass repair businesses properly perform, manage and document post-repair or post-calibration ADAS safety system verification test drives.

A properly performed and documented ADAS Safety System Verification test drive ensures a vehicle’s safety systems operate as designed prior to delivering that vehicle back to the consumer.

A post-repair or post-calibration ADAS Safety System Verification test drive is especially critical on ADAS equipped vehicles that can have more than twenty (20) camera, Radar, LiDar and other computer-driven safety systems where a test drive is the only way to truly verify the safety systems operate as designed.


What is Test Drive CoPilot™?

Test Drive Copilot™ is a patented SaaS and Mobile App platform designed to help automotive, collision, glass and truck repair businesses properly perform, manage, document and invoice for post-repair and post-calibration ADAS Safety System Verification test drives on ADAS equipped vehicles!

Test Drive CoPilot™ Now Includes Dynamic Calibration Procedures and Checklists  

The patent-pending Test Drive CoPilot™ platform now includes OEM Dynamic Calibration procedures, Pass/Fail Checklists and automatically generated reports and billing statements.

The addition of these new capabilities positions Test Drive CoPilot™ as a must have test drive and dynamic calibration procedure and documentation system for companies that repair, align or calibrate ADAS equipped vehicles.


Why Should Your Business Use Test Drive Copilot™?

  • Gain Access to OEM Based ADAS Test Drive Procedures and Videos
  • Generate Detailed Documentation for Every Test Drive
  • “Bullet Proof” File Component
  • Increase Revenue
  • Manage Test Drive Costs
  • Implement Test Drive Quality Control
  • Reduced Liability
  • Increased Transparency
  • Improve Customer Trust and Satisfaction

What Some of Our Users Are Saying About Test Drive Copilot™

Lundgren Collision Center

Chuck Zimmer

"It is so great finally getting paid for test drives! Thanks Frank.."

Precision Body & Paint, Inc. 

Mike Leib

"The documentation of the software is clutch. The app is very user friendly and I like that I can review past test drives from my phone wherever I am. Overall, I would say this is a crucial documentation tool"

Chuck Akers 

W&W Collision Center

"I love the app.  It is very intuitive to the questions it asks and the prompts that it gives.  I love the invoice that is emailed from the system.  That is awesome and a great tool for liability and for requesting pay"

Start Documenting, Invoicing, Managing and QC'ing Your Test Drives & Dynamic Calibrations Today