Test Drive CoPilot™ Videos & Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Test Drive CoPilot™ records audio, video, speed, time, mileage, location, technician, insurer or fleet, VIN, Year, Make, Model, weather, cost of test drive.

A: Our Annual and Monthly subscriptions include 2 TB of storage for video storage. If your average test drive is 20-30 minutes, the average size of the video will be less then 1GB. This means your business can store approximately 2000 videos before adding more storage.


A: For each additional TB of data storage, there is a monthly fee of $11.95. 

A: YES. Here is a link to an example: Test Drive CoPilot™ Report. Test Drive CoPilot™ also provides a Billing Statement for each Test Drive: 

A: YES. Test Drive CoPilot™ is designed to work with the Android and iOS operating systems.

YES. The Test Drive CoPilot™ app requires iOS 10 for Apple devices and Android OS version 6.0 for Android devices. 

A: YES. Test Drive CoPilot™ provides test drive recommendations based on manufacturer information. We strongly recommend users check OEM repair procedures for more detailed test drive procedures.

A: YES. Users can edit the existing Test Drive CoPilot™ recommendations or enter their own

A: YES. Test Drive CoPilot™ allows users to enter a technician’s labor rate so test drive costs can be calculated and reported on.

A: As many as you need. There is no limit

A: NO. To properly record a test drive you should not answer phone calls, read text messages or user other apps during a test drive.

A: Good Question! Remember we record video and audio. So the best way to validate all safety systems are operating as designed is to ensure the test drive technician verbally states what works and does not work, during the test drive. 

A: NOTest Drive CoPilot™ delivers a quality service at an affordable price. If a business does not feel theTest Drive CoPilot™ platform delivers the value they expect, they can cancel their subscription. 

A: The reason you are only receiving 9 digits of the VIN is because CCC only shares the first 9 digits of the VIN as part of their Secure Share BMS integration.

A: In some cases, if you are using the Chrome browser on a Windows laptop or PC with “older” video drivers, you will need to update those video drivers. Here is a link to a document that outlines How to Update Chrome’s Video Drivers

YES! Users can scan a VIN barcode or QR code to automatically locate and fill-in the vehicle's YEAR MAKE, MODEL and VIN#.

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