Press Release: New Test Drive CoPilot™ Platform and Mobile Apps Released

test drive copilot Oct 13, 2020

For Immediate Release                                                                 

Contact: Frank M. Terlep            


Date: 10.13.2020                                               

New Software and Mobile Apps Add Detailed...

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Post Repair / Calibration Test Drive Best Practices

test drives Sep 15, 2020
  • Inform customer up front that during repairs the battery may be disconnected, recalibrations and an extensive test drive may be required.
    • Also inform customer that ADAS systems may be reset to OEM settings
    • Finally inform customer that all documentation supporting repairs, calibration and test drives will be provided upon the completion of the repair/calibration
  • Perform proper pre-repair research and “blueprint” including identifying all ADAS systems, sensors, cameras, Radar, and LiDAR
  • Complete proper repairs / calibration
  • Complete a proper post-repair/calibration scan to clear codes
  • Research and locate test drive procedures from OEM repair procedures, owners-manual, OEM websites or OEM YouTube channels
    • In lieu of this research you can utilize the Test Drive CoPilot™ platform (
  • Record video, audio and/or report of entire test drive.
    • The video record can be actual video of the “drive” through the front windshield or a video...
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More Advanced ADAS Systems Coming Soon from Lucid

adas Jul 29, 2020

California luxury electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors says its EV Air sedan will include "DreamDrive",  one of the world's most advanced driver assist system (ADAS). Lucid says the Air will be the first electric vehicle offered with the combination of an advanced sensor suite that includes high-resolution LIDAR, driver monitoring system and redundant platform that can operate in the event that one of the individual components fails. 

 The DreamDrive ADAS platform that will be included in the Air sedan supports 19 key safety, driving, and parking assist features to make driving safer and will enable Level 3 autonomous driving in certain situations. The company said that another eight features will be made available in the future via over-the-air (OTA) updates. The DreamDrive system will come with 32 sensors, which include cameras, radars, front-facing, long-range LIDAR sensor Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Centering , Surround View Monitoring, Blind Spot...

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Car Companies Becoming Software Companies

computers Jul 28, 2020

As I have stated many times cars will become “computers on wheels”. Well it looks like Toyota “gets it” and is going to transform itself into a software company by creating a new holding company that will spearhead development of self-driving cars, new automotive computer operating systems and advanced mapping.

The entity, called Woven Planet Holdings, will oversee two other companies that will focus on automated driving as well as connectivity, onboard software and high-definition mapping. Toyota announced the initiative on Tuesday, saying the new companies will begin operations in January and be led by James Kuffner, an American computer whiz who is currently the CEO of TRI-AAD. Kuffner previously worked at Google on robotics and the self-driving car project.


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GM Dynamic Calibration Processes

calibrations Jul 07, 2020

IMPORTANT:    Always be careful of traffic conditions and safety around the vehicle

                        Your test vehicle may not be equipped with all safety systems 

Front Camera – Windshield

  • GM Service Programing System (SPS) programming is required after replacement
  • Some vehicles will immediately begin calibration after programming, vehicle other may require calibration to be started using GDS2.
    • Refer to Service Information for specific programming and calibration instructions after replacement
  • Ensure windshield glass has been properly installed, is clean, NOT damaged or cracked and camera is not damaged, dirty or obstructed
  • Make sure the vehicle is being driven in an area conducive to calibration. An ideal calibration environment is a two-lane divide highway with lane makings on both side of the lane, driving the vehicle between...
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What Can Happen Without an Accurate Calibration and a Proper Per-Deliver Test Drive

test drive tuesday Jun 09, 2020
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Why Test Drives are Critical for ADAS Equipped Vehicles

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

Could this happen to your customer after you repaired their ADAS equipped vehicle? 

It is critical that every ADAS equipped vehicle that is repaired and calibrated has a proper test drive performed. 

The test drive is the final QC check to ensure all vehicle safety systems operate as designed...

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AcuraWatch™ ADAS Test Drive Check List

acura test drive May 26, 2020

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS):

  • Verify front radar transceiver and forward-facing camera are not damaged, blocked or dirty
  • Verify system provides visual, audible and haptic warnings when test vehicle detects a collision when moving forward.
  • Verify the system provides three (3) levels of alerts:
    • STAGE 1
      Verify that if there is a risk of an accident with a vehicle detected ahead system flashes “Brake” warning in the Multi-Information Display.
    • STAGE 2
      Verify that if the risk of an accident increases with no driver reaction, system continues visual and audible alerts, and applies light braking.
    • STAGE 3
      Verify that if the risk of an accident increases with no driver reaction and the system determines that a collision is now unavoidable, system continues visual and audible alerts, plus applies strong braking.

 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC):

  • Verify vehicle acceleration, deceleration and braking changes with vehicle in front.

 Adaptive Cruise Control w/...

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Are You Ready for “Smart” Steering Wheels?

smart steering wheels May 14, 2020

Get ready because Mercedes-Benz will introduce new steering wheel technology that has capacitive hands-off detection on the 2021 E-Class sedan, which is expected to arrive in the United States in the fall.

Today, most ADAS systems require drivers to show they are paying with a tug of the steering wheel. The new Mercedes Benz capacitive steering wheel has capacitive hands-off detection that eliminates the need for a “tug”.

The new steering wheel tech is a two-zone sensor mat located in the rim of the steering wheel. The sensors on the front and back of the rim register whether the steering wheel is being held and signal assistance systems that the vehicle is under control. The touch control buttons integrated into the steering wheel spokes also function capacitively.

The new E-Class will also add more ADAS tech, including a system that monitors blind spots even when a vehicle is at a standstill. The system can even warn the driver of approaching vehicles, motorcycles or...

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Nissan Test Drive Process

nissan test drive tuesday May 05, 2020

Nissan ADAS Technology Test Drive Checklist

IMPORTANT: Always be careful of traffic conditions and safety around the vehicle

                        Your test vehicle may not be equipped with all safety systems

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

  • Verify Radar sensor located in the front grille is not damaged
  • Vehicle speed must be greater than 3 MPH/5 km/h or more) to operate
  • Verify system initially presents visual and audible warnings if a forward detection is detected
  • If braking does not occur verify system issues second visual and audible warning and begins applying brakes
  • If collision seems imminent verify system brings vehicle to a stop

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

  • Verify Radar sensor located in the front grille is not damaged and the camera located behind the rear-view mirror is not damaged, obstructed or dirty
  • Vehicle speed must be...
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