Are You Ready for “Smart” Steering Wheels?

smart steering wheels May 14, 2020

Get ready because Mercedes-Benz will introduce new steering wheel technology that has capacitive hands-off detection on the 2021 E-Class sedan, which is expected to arrive in the United States in the fall.

Today, most ADAS systems require drivers to show they are paying with a tug of the steering wheel. The new Mercedes Benz capacitive steering wheel has capacitive hands-off detection that eliminates the need for a “tug”.

The new steering wheel tech is a two-zone sensor mat located in the rim of the steering wheel. The sensors on the front and back of the rim register whether the steering wheel is being held and signal assistance systems that the vehicle is under control. The touch control buttons integrated into the steering wheel spokes also function capacitively.

The new E-Class will also add more ADAS tech, including a system that monitors blind spots even when a vehicle is at a standstill. The system can even warn the driver of approaching vehicles, motorcycles or...

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