Post Repair / Calibration Test Drive Best Practices

test drives Sep 15, 2020
  • Inform customer up front that during repairs the battery may be disconnected, recalibrations and an extensive test drive may be required.
    • Also inform customer that ADAS systems may be reset to OEM settings
    • Finally inform customer that all documentation supporting repairs, calibration and test drives will be provided upon the completion of the repair/calibration
  • Perform proper pre-repair research and “blueprint” including identifying all ADAS systems, sensors, cameras, Radar, and LiDAR
  • Complete proper repairs / calibration
  • Complete a proper post-repair/calibration scan to clear codes
  • Research and locate test drive procedures from OEM repair procedures, owners-manual, OEM websites or OEM YouTube channels
    • In lieu of this research you can utilize the Test Drive CoPilot™ platform (
  • Record video, audio and/or report of entire test drive.
    • The video record can be actual video of the “drive” through the front windshield or a video...
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