Test Drive CoPilot™ Platform Adds New Drive Type Management and Reporting Options

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

Richardson, TX. (April 2, 2020) – Auto Techcelerators, LLC, today announced that that it has added additional drive type management and reporting capabilities its Test Drive CoPilot™ platform and mobile apps. According to Auto Techcelerators, the Test Drive CoPilot™ platform and mobile apps now includes the ability for businesses to manage, document and report on vehicle pickup, vehicle delivery and sublet transportation.

Auto Techcelerators Co-founder and CEO Frank Terlep, stated; “The COVID-19 virus is driving many repair facilities to add pick up and delivery services while calibration requirements are increasing the use of sublet vendors and dealerships to perform calibrations. By adding these new drive types to the Test Drive CoPilot™ platform we now provide businesses the ability to manage, document, report on and generate billing statements for their vehicle pickup, vehicle delivery and sublet transportation processes.”

Check out a short video on how users will access the new drive types: https://youtu.be/nzvTNe4u8UU 

About Auto Techcelerators, LLC. Auto Techcelerators, LLC designed and developed the Test Drive CoPilot™platform.  Our team has more than 100 years of innovative and successful auto industry software design, development and implementation experience. We have helped design and developed some of the most popular, successful and powerful automotive software solutions over the past 35 years.


For more information on Auto Techcelerators, LLC and the Test Drive CoPilot™ platform contact Frank Terlep at 855.953.7483, via email at fterlep@autotechcelerators.com or visit www.testdrivecopilot.com.



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